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March 22nd, 2017


Funnily enough, at the Collaboration Company we do “what it says on the tin.” We’ve developed a unique and robust process that speedily facilitates collaboration in order to get profound and significant results. We do this because we believe collaboration has the power to solve significant and complex problems: from those that challenge organisation’s strategies, to those that challenge huge portions of the world’s population. We believe collaboration isn’t simply a bolt-on to current ways of working, but rather an evolution of them.

However, collaboration as a term, let alone a practice, is hugely misunderstood and misinterpreted, even whilst it’s becoming widely adopted in the global workplace. And not just in the workplace: artists, educators, researchers and community groups – amongst others – are recognising the attractions and mutual benefits of adopting a collaborative process.

We thought it would be helpful then, to explore what we think are the key elements of collaboration: what it is, what it isn’t and how it’s developing. Collaboration is not a static practice, so in this blog series we’ll tell you what we do, explore what other people are doing and test them against our own experiences and practice. We aim to share with you:

  • What we do: why and how it works for us
  • How we’re evolving best practice
  • How you can do it for yourself
  • Feedback and dialogue we’re a part of that develops insight and practice

We’re collating the posts under #NowThatsWhatICallCollaboration17. After all, those cultural icons of the album world originated to bring you the best of the best! So get your dancing shoes on and your maracas out, here comes Track 1…

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