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July 26th, 2016

Ideathon offers charities fresh perspectives on key challenges

As 2017 approaches, we are looking for progressive UK charities to take part in our award winning Learning & Development programmes. These charities need to be willing and ready to present a live strategic challenge, crucial to the success and sustainability of their charity, to a range of senior leaders and graduates from a number of diverse organisations.

These participants will have the time and space to view the challenge with fresh perspectives, and harnessing their collective knowledge, experience and creativity they will generate and build innovative solutions to solve the charity challenge.

The successful charity CEO’s will each have the opportunity to take part in Ideathon 2017, presenting a once in a lifetime opportunity.

For the charities involved, this is a fantastic opportunity, not only to gain some fresh new thinking, but also to create a diverse network to remain engaged with. Don’t just take our word for it though, watch our short video clip below to see what charities like B-eat, The Alexander Devine Children’s Hospice and Hubbub have to say…

If you are the CEO of a medium or large UK charity, or know a charity that may be up for the challenge please contact us on info@collaborationcompany.com to find out more.

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