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Live experiences

We design and deliver live experiences for away days and conferences that increase co-creation, collaboration, participation and ownership, throughout an organisation. We offer an unparalleled blend of rigorous facilitation, exciting creative ideas and a reputation for brilliant delivery to ensure you make the most of your precious time together.

Involvement – the key ingredient

Bringing people together face-to-face is a golden opportunity to accelerate the progress of the organisation. Organisations that default to a traditional approach to events, delivering top down ‘push’ initiatives are missing a golden opportunity to inspire their people and create sustainable business impact.

Collaboration drives involvement

Our collaborative approach consistently makes a difference. Our active, hands-on collaboration events accelerate change and bring your vision, purpose and priorities to life. Collaboration drives involvement, and this involvement changes everything – including organisations.

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The collaborative dialogue was one of the distinct highlights of our conference. We were extremely pleased with the delivery of the workshop and the energy you generated for the discussions.

 MD – Brands & Customer Experience, British Airways

What we do

We work with some of the world’s leading businesses to design and deliver the most effective live employee experiences that they have ever run. There is no better to way to create alignment, engagement and inspire your people to generate solutions to real time business challenges than through our collaborative approach. 

Our works covers areas including: Leadership Conferences and Events. All Employee Events. Manager and Sales Conferences. Conference Workshops.

The Collaboration Company