“It was a great opportunity to meet graduates from other companies with different experiences and fresh perspectives. I definitely learnt more about the best ways to collaborate and identify creative solutions to business problems.”

HR Gradate, Kuehne+Nagel


Early Careers Ideathon is a development initiative that inspires and challenges individuals to make a difference in the world, whilst gaining an understanding of how to accelarate and sustain the attitudes, behaviours and conditions for collaboration to flourish back in their businesses. 

Early Careers Ideathon provides the opportunity to mix graduates, apprentices and early careers individuals with similarly bright and motivated peers from other businesses and sectors for fresh perpsectives. 

It provides a creative space to explore their collaboration skills and generate ideas that will change people’s lives.

The benefits to early careers professionals:

- Creating new connections with delegates from a range of companies.

- Stretching their thinking by solving a complex strategic challenge for a leading charity.

- Tools and techniques for leading and facilitating collaboration.

- Collaborative leadership assessment and coaching to help develop effective leadership behaviours.

A quick guide to Early Careers Ideathon   ︎

“The ideathon was a great day that was equal parts challenging and invigorating.  I learnt lots about myself and working collaboratively.”

Marketing Coordinator, Boehringer Ingelheim

“I felt this experience was very useful for me personally. I felt engaged throughout, whilst also remaining very aware of what makes good collaboration, which allowed me to detect when it was and wasn't being used effectively in my groups.”

Graduate Management Trainee, Southern Water