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Inspiring collaboration & delivering extraordinary results

The Collaboration Company are the experts in collaboration.

Unleashing the promise of collaboration

Our expertise is grounded in ten years of working with senior leaders across many sectors on collaborative initiatives.


The insights we gain from this work have given us a deep knowledge of effective collaborative leadership.
We share these insights in our consultancy projects, leadership development programmes, workshops and conference events.

Ideas that generate results

We work closely with our clients to create a step change in their business fortunes.

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We make a difference in our client’s financial, strategic, operational and organisational results.



Our two award winning collaborative leadership learning programmes help organisations create and sustain the ideal attitudes, behaviours and conditions for effective collaboration to grow and flourish.

Leaders solving a complex business challenge pitched by a senior leader from one of our partnering companies.

A leadership development programme that makes a significant difference to a leading charity and helps leaders develop their personal collaborative capability.


Productive collaboration

We've created our own brand of collaboration which we call Productive Collaboration. Our process helps leaders to energise groups to generate fresh solutions and maintain the momentum to make those ideas real.

The Collaboration Company